Rena Therapeutics Co., Ltd. was established in January 2015, aimed to accelerate Hetero Duplex Oligonucleotide (HDO) technology, an epoch - making nucleic acid technology for drug discovery, invented by Professor Takanori Yokota of Tokyo Medical and Dental University and Professor Satoshi Obika of Osaka University. In February, we received the title of the University Certified Venture Company from Tokyo Medical and Dental University and licensed in the intellectual property of HDO technology. We provide a platform for drug discovery based on HDO technology as the pillar of our business.

The advantage of nucleic acid drugs is the designing of drug candidates from the information of genes. Once the target of therapeutic gene investigated, the sequence of nucleic acid will be easily defined. Nucleic acid medicine could be a potential option for a tailor - made medical care in the future.
We are 100% customer based company and offer solutions to match the needs to investigate novel-nucleic acid drugs. Our most important goalis to launch a useful therapeutic drug with our customers and provide to the patients.

Chairman   Junichi Yano

President & CEO   Jun Sasaki


Our base technology is the Heteroduplex Oligonucleotide Technology invented by Prof. Takanori Yokota, Tokyo Medical and Dental University and Prof. Satoshi Obika, Osaka University, et al. We drive commercialization of nucleic acid medicines through research and development of this core technology.





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