Shuichi Toriya                 Presentative Director & CEO
Kazuhisa Shioda             Chief Financial Director
Shingo Horimoto            Outside Director (NIPPON SHOKUBAI Co., Ltd.)

Teruhisa Tajima              Outside Auditor

Message from the President

RenaTherapeutics was established in January 2015 as a company promoting and promoting drug discovery research and development of next-generation nucleic acid drugs, mainly by Tokyo Medical and Dental University and Industrial Innovation Organization Co., Ltd.
Nucleic acid drugs have the merit of being able to target diseases that could not be aimed at traditional medicines, but there are issues such as delivery, and there are so many approved nucleic acid medicines.
HDO, our basic technology, is highly likely to be able to deliver to a diseased part other than the liver by binding various ligands, and it is highly likely that new breakthrough in nucleic acid drug development and It is a technology to become. By practicing this technology, we will continue to challenge to respond to unmet medical needs, including cancer and incurable diseases, and aim to deliver nucleic acid drugs to patients as quickly as possible.

President & CEO  Shuichi Toriya